Rami Alayan

Rami Alayan is a designer and filmmaker based in San Francisco. His work centers around designing visual, narrative and interactive experiences that engage and captivate audiences. Whether the final product flickers on a big screen or responds to touches and clicks on a handheld device, Alayan’s work is about imagining and designing what's not there but what's possible.

Alayan works with creative teams of filmmakers and software developers to turn a project’s vision into a reality. He engages as a screenwriter and interaction designer as well as a producer and project manager. Alayan’s educational background encompasses creative, technical as well as business training. He holds a certificate in feature film writing from the UCLA Extension School as well as a master’s and two bachelor degrees in computer science and business management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Alayan’s debut as a film director was in 2012 with his short film, Private Sun. It follows the quest of a woman to cure herself of a bone disease caused by vitamin D deficiency. The film was selected to over 70 film festivals all around the world including Palm Springs Shortfest, Montreal World Film Festival, Filckers Rhode Island Film Festival and DC Shorts. It won 9 awards including 5 for Best Short Film.

Alayan co-founded PalCine Productions, a collective of filmmakers and audiovisual artists based in his hometown of Jerusalem and in Bethlehem to facilitate collaboration on film and media projects as well as to promote film as an art form among youth.

Alayan is currently a senior principal designer at Progress Software. He is also the co-writer, art director and co-producer of the narrative feature Love, Theft and Other Entanglements.

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